Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 2015

Aunt Alyson and Remi came over one day to help with Eliza's party planning. We love them both! Alyson is so cool and I'm really glad she's in our family. And Eliza.... there's that tongue.

Eliza and Lily made a tower. They were so proud....and dirty, as you can tell.

Every since the Itty Bitty Open golf thing Liam decided that he loves golf. Grandma Mills got him this little thing that shoots your golf balls back. He was pretty excited!

Liam likes to take pictures with my camera, so after Eliza's birthday party I realized that we forgot to take a picture of us with her while we were there, so once we got home I had Liam take one of us.

Just goofin off

I just love these kiddos!

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