Monday, March 23, 2015

Carlsbad Beach- Spring Break 2015

 For Spring Break, we got lucky that Tony and Liam's spring break was on the same week as well as all of my daycare kiddos, so we had a whole week with nothing! We joined my parents to camp at South Carlsbad State Beach just a bit north of San Diego, California. Let me just say that I love that section of California. It is perfect. We went a couple years ago and went to Sea World and loved it. I didn't want to go home; this trip was no different. It was perfect, but went too quickly.

 We got there a little while before sunset on Monday, so once we set up camp it was dark but we just had to head down to the beach and explore a little bit before we had any chance of Liam going to sleep.
 Squirrels were everywhere. We really had to be careful to not leave any food out or it would be snatched.

 Grandma made hot chocolate one morning and Liam thought it was so funny when the marshmallows would stick to his face.

 This baby girl loved her first experience at the beach. The sand, she loved, the water, not so much.

 We loved camping and spending the week with Grandma and Papa.
 We found a couple of little crabs one day.

 The beach was exhausting. This poor girl was fighting a yucky cough and fell asleep on her daddy's head.

 One of Tony's neighborhood friends lived in Newport so we took an afternoon and went to Balboa Pier with her and her boyfriend. We saw some cute little sea lions right up close and even saw several whales! I have never seen a wild whale and it was AMAZING! We saw beautiful bow spouts and one of the whales even came out of the water. So majestic. Apparently Newport Beach is the place for sealife.

 The boys thought it would be fun to bury each other. Ew. No thanks, but they had fun together.

Busy but great week and I would be happy to just stay at the beach forever. It's so relaxing.


Amy O'Neill said...

Looks like a really fun trip!!

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Amy O'Neill said...
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