Monday, April 20, 2015

California Adventure!

We went back and forth about a million times about going to Disneyland, so we didn't really decide until like the day of. With Eliza's poor health and the fact that she is on immuno-suppressants we were hesitant about the crowds, but in the end we bought a stroller cover to minimize the germs and went for it. We had so much fun! Since we hadn't told Liam, I decided to write "we are going to Disneyland" on a piece of paper and had him read it since he is a new reader. He was excited, not jumping up and down like I expected, but excited. We got a little bit later of a start than we wanted and didn't get there until almost lunch time. 

Totally bummed out about this. Frozen Fun was right where we started and it was busy so we decided that we would come back later hoping it wouldn't be as busy, but we ran out of time and forgot. Oh well.

First ride! Liam is not a big fan of loud noises, so I wasn't sure how he would do with the rides, but he did just fine. He would complain after some of the rides, but once we talked with him about it he was fine.

Surprisingly, Eliza is a ride-junky! She loved the rides! She would point at everything and just take it all in.

We loved all of the Monsters Inc/University stuff! We just barely missed meeting Sulley.

She was getting cranky while we waited for Crush from Finding Nemo to arrive, but she was fascinated once we saw him.

Re-creation of the photo we took almost 8 years ago on our honeymoon. Photography skills of a handsome 5 year old!

This was fascinating to me. I loved watching this guy draw Lightning McQueen. So much talent!

Eliza and Liam loved Flik's Flyers in Bugs Land. I got a little motion sick though. I don't do well on the rides that go round and round. Bug's Land was so cool! They made everything big so it looks like you are bug. See the clovers in the background?

We found little boy heaven! Liam loved this whole section! The entire section of Cars Land looks EXACTLY like Radiator Springs in the movie, Cars! Liam loved the tractor ride the most!

They had these cars that drove around on the streets every so often and this one was so cool! While Liam and Daddy went on the tractor ride, Eliza and I explored Radiator Springs and had a dance party with DJ! He turned up his speakers and we had a huge dance party in the street! Eliza loves to dance with me so we had a fun time!

Of course, you just have to eat at Flo's V8 Cafe while you are in Radiator Springs! The food looks amazing, I mean look at that beef and cheddar sandwich, but really it wasn't very good. I was disappointed.
While Daddy went to go ride the Tower of Terror, me and the kids got to meet Flik from a Bug's Life and then we went on the Heimlich's Chew Chew train where we ended up forgetting Eliza's snuggly. That would've been disastrous, but it was still there when we went back for it. Thank goodness!
Dory came and tried to kiss Liam! We watched the Pixar parade with our neighbors the Wallgrens who just happened to be there at exactly the same time. We love our Wallgrens! They are family to us. Liam loved being able to meet up with some people that we know after being surrounded by so many strangers. And if you look closely on the other side of the street was the Brewer family from my home ward. It really is a small world after all!

Eliza watched the parade so intensely and waved to all of the characters as they came by! She was so cute! This girl seriously LOVED Disneyland!

Our awesomeness is too overwhelming! Tony is not pictured because he was still on his way back to us from riding the Tower of Terror. The Wallgren's family tradition is to go to Disneyland as a family when one of them graduates. They went a few years ago when Alex graduated and now Braden is graduating this year.

Our adopted grandparents were there too! We love Grandma and Grandpa Wallgren. I'm not positive if Liam knows that they are not actually his grandparents. :)

At the end of the night, we went and explored the Challenge Trail which is a fun California forest type place with slides and zip lines and rope ladders and all sorts of fun play things. It was nearly empty since most people were gathering for the World of Color show. Eliza was very excited to get out of the stroller and move around.

We watched the World of Color show which is a water show played in the bay. They play scenes and songs from Disney movies and spray water. It was amazing! Liam was completely amazed! He thought it was magic!

Can't got to Disneyland and not get ears! Seriously does it get any cuter?! I'm not going to lie as we were walking around that day and seeing all the sights, I would reflect on the awesomeness and the blessing it was to bring my family here and enjoy it all together. I made myself tear up. It was an awesome day!

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