Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Church

Early Friday morning our church building was burned down. It is suspected to be arson. Liam and I were able to go visit it later in the day and surely enough it is toast. The entire chapel and part of the gym are gone and most of our ward's side of bishops offices. I am not very sure what we are going to do for church now. This week we are having just sacrament meeting at our stake center. There is a possibility that we will have to travel to another stake to use their building. I belong to a group called Sewing For Babies that makes and sends all sorts of baby items; like hats, clothes and blankets, to the preemies and sick babies in the NICU's at several of the hospitals in the valley. All of the supplies and finished projects were stored in the church. All of it is no longer useable, but the community has already started donating so many supplies to help the cause!
It is very sad because seriously this is the most united and family-like ward we have ever been in. Although we've only been in the ward for 4 years it feels like home. The building was built by the members in 1962. Some of the original members that helped build it are still in our ward and are pretty upset about it all.
We will see what the future brings for the Tolleson Ward.

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