Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Liam's Family Birthday Celebration

 5 CANDLES!?!?! Seriously, how did he get so old?!
 I don't know where Liam has gotten it, but Liam pretends that he goes to "muscling" and does things like that. Grandma and Papa got him "muscling" clothes.
 Once the batarang came out of it's package, it almost broke one of Grandma's decorative plates, so it had to be saved to play with later. Oops!

 Candy! That poor boy eats way too much candy.
 This box immediately turned into a Cat in the Hat hat.

 We played Disney Headbands and it was so fun! Each player gets a card on their headband without looking at it and has to ask the other players yes or no questions to figure out what their card is. My dad got a hard one. His was the poison apple from Snow White.

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