Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Most of Our Family" Vacation

Tony has been pretty slammed with school this year so a big family vacation was out of the question. We also had some big home repairs that needed to be done, so ya $. Since school is just about ready to start (sob) me and the kids decided to take off without Daddy and go visit Aunt Tracy and the girls up in Ash Fork.
 While my sister Tracy went to work, the girls and I went on an adventure. We wandered around checking things out, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, climbing trees, etc.

 Brooke was constantly chasing animals and climbing trees. Love her wild spirit!

 Each night while we were there Brooke read to Liam. Such a good cousin! It is crazy to me that I have boy crazy nieces! They each had One Direction pictures all over. I remember being like that about NSYNC.
 Tracy has been living in Ash Fork for about 9 years and we've visited often and somehow I never knew they had a museum so we went and checked it out one day. The old fire truck was a big hit. The mannequins inside on the other hand were down right creepy.
 They finally caught me.
 We walked across town to the Chevron (it's a big deal over there since they just barely got a store in town; a Family Dollar OMG) We got rained on most of the way walking back to the house. Liam likes to take pictures so he took this one of us at the Chevron.
 On Friday, we went to the Deer Farm. It was such a cool place. The deer were so cute! We even got to feel the velvet of a buck. Soooo soft!
 Eliza got thoroughly spoiled while we were there! The girls were always fighting over who got to hold her. She was almost always being held the whole week.
 Little baby fallow deer at the deer farm.

 Tracy took Eliza into the goat pen and that girl wanted those goats! Poor goats are missing some hair now!
 We were there as they were closing so we got to pet the Patagonian cavy as they brought her inside for the night. So soft! Brooke was in heaven and begged to do the junior zoo keeper program the whole rest of our time with them.
We had dinner at Pancho's in Williams after the farm! Oh my goodness best chimichangas ever! I never really liked Mexican food until I was pregnant with Eliza and that's all I craved, now I love it! We grabbed some Pine Country Pies to bring home then took the back road to Ash Fork and did some spot lighting.

We stopped and had a camp fire out in the middle of nowhere and just goofed off and enjoyed being together!
We had an amazing experience while we were spotlighting. We saw these eyes reflecting back at us in a meadow, but couldn't tell what it was because it was really low to the ground. All we could see was the reflection of the eyes and two big ears. Tracy hopped out of the car and went to the side of the road to get a better look. It wasn't very far into the meadow from the car. I shined the spotlight and she was able to get this awesome photo of a new little  fawn! She was within a foot from this baby before it decided that it had been seen and decided to bolt. She precious!
It was a great trip! I loved being with my sis and nieces and enjoyed the rain and cooler weather! Liam just adores his Aunt Tracy and cousins!

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