Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jonah's baptism and the end of summer

 This little princess has started to sit up sort of. She can sit up when she's supporting herself with her arms. She is so close to crawling. It seems so strange that this tiny little girl is on the move. She will be 6 months this week, but is still in 3 months clothes. I'm totally fine with her being a little smaller. :)
 I know it's blurry, but it was the best one we got. We all sat on the patio swing and watched the rain and lightning the other night. We love monsoon season.
 This last Saturday our little neighbor was baptized. I will say neighbor, but it's more like additional family. We are exactly next door and are visiting each other almost daily. We joke around that we should just knock down a wall and build a hallway between our houses.
 Seriously, how could you not love them?!
 I am so grateful for the great examples they are to Liam. He looks up to them so much! I'm excited for Braden to serve a mission next year and the awesomeness it will be for Liam to know a missionary that is out.
 For the boys joint birthday celebration, Ginger asked me to make the cakes. I made the guitar for Braden's 18th birthday and Jonah a pokeball cake for his 8th birthday.

Tony's family is a little demented. As kids Tony's dad bought them big rubber flies to chew on at church when they were babies. When we had kids, his brother Douglas bought us a rubber rat. So here is Eliza keeping up tradition.

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