Sunday, February 22, 2015

Four Peaks Off-Roading Trip

One of our friends Robert got a new SUV a few months back and had been wanting to go out off-roading with us, so Tony put together a day trip with him and some other friends from our ward. He researched a good trail for us all to test out our 4 wheel drive so we hit the Four Peaks 4x4 trail. A lot of people were out rifle shooting the first couple miles of the trail but after that it was smooth sailing all on our own. The weather was beautiful and breezy and the trail was just about as bumpy as I would like to do. I am glad I went. It was a lot of fun and we got to know our friends a little better.
 Stopped for lunch and to give our bums a break from all the bumping around.

 On our way over to the Peaks. It was so pretty.

 We went right through that!
 Here is our crew. They Hayes family (kids were asleep), Robert and Carson O'Neill, and us on the end.
 I switched with Alicia so that I could be in a picture. I was actually there; I am usually behind the camera though.
 The view

The view from the way down. Behind there(you can't see it) was Roosevelt Lake.
It was a great day trip and we spent the evening walking around old town Globe and had dinner at a Chinese buffet there before heading home.
It was a great day, but we were all exhausted.

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