Wednesday, February 18, 2015

President's Day Hike

For President's Day, we took a family day and went hiking at the White Tanks. The last time we went there Liam wasn't even born. Tony has been really busy with school and Liam has needed some personal attention so we took that time to be together. We hiked the Waterfall Trail. It was a fun trail. Not long or hard but perfect. The weather was great and we saw some cool petroglyphs and lots of lizards.

Liam brought his sling shot that he got for Christmas and we all had fun playing with that and having target practice.

Just love this snuggly girl!

We found a little cave
Liam enjoyed the cold water at the top. The waterfall wasn't flowing which was a total bummer, but Liam enjoyed wading in the cold water.

Liam, my little monkey in our secret hide out.

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Amy O'Neill said...

Fun! I don't think we've ever done that hike... we'll have to try it before it gets hot.