Monday, May 11, 2015

Walk to Cure Arthritis May 2, 2015

 I decided to take a leap and get myself involved. I've felt pretty lonely dealing with my kids arthritis since I don't know another single soul whose kids have arthritis. I found the Arthritis Foundation on Facebook and have kind of been following them. That is where I heard about the Walk to Cure Arthritis. I decided to take a leap and create my own team. In total we were able to raise over $700 dollars to go towards research and juvenile arthritis programs. Up until the last week, it was only going to be my little family of 4 going then my sister decided she would come and support us and then my parents joined us and Tony's dad came too! It was not what I thought, but it was fun. It was more of just a free zoo day. They had a start and finish line but it wasn't a race at all. We just walked through and enjoyed the zoo! I was ok with that too! A free zoo day with my family, sure! My friend, Tammy helped me make these shirts! I love how they turned out! Since Liam is super into ninjas right now, our team was the Arthritis Ninjas and our motto was KARATE CHOPPING ARTHRITIS! Our picture even made it on the JA page!

 When we were screening the shirts we used a scrap piece of fabric to test out before we put it on shirts so I sewed it into a flag.

 Papa Mills loved the elephant! That's the main thing he wanted to see! After the walk was over we stayed and finished seeing the zoo with Papa Mills. It was really nice to enjoy it with just him.

We were blessed by a good citizen who had an extra ticket to the carousel and gave it to us!

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